CCTV Monitoring

Sometimes a stern warning is all it takes

Remote CCTV monitoring is very simple but extremely effective and increasingly popular because, depending on the potential reward for a burglar and their personal tenacity, a verbal warning seemingly out of nowhere is often enough to deter them. As a system, Remote CCTV Monitoring is a very cost effective form of business security. What’s more, it gives you remote access to the security status of your premises 24/7/365 over the internet.

The benefits to your business

  • Proven deterrent in the fight against crime.
  • Detects intruders in real time.
  • Protects assets and prevents damages.
  • Protects people in vulnerable situations.
  • Monitors irregular activities like unauthorised entry.
  • Protects key holders from injury.
  • Reduces the risk of loss and disruption to your business.
  • Reduces downtime and loss of revenue.
  • Prevents costly Human Resources issues.
  • Reduces insurance claims.
  • Monitors Health and Safety.
  • Monitors critical activities including opening and closing your business.
  • Allows you user-friendly remote access over the internet.

How it works

Cameras protect your property, 24/7/365.
Any perimeter breach alerts our Central Monitoring Centres in real time.
A controller issues an audio warning that the incident is being recorded and to leave the premises immediately and that Gardai have been notified .
If required, they also assist the emergency services in locating the intruders.