Security is all about options

Because every business is unique, there is no single solution when it comes to protecting it. Every one of our many customers has different needs, wants and budgets; we pride ourselves on having the widest range of solutions to meet each.

Whelanapier incorporates all modern business security solutions available for our commercial customer base.

More and more, companies and organisations are employing the very latest business security systems to protect staff, monitor property and valuable stock. Indeed, to enhance your Access Control, a business CCTV system will monitor and record events at certain times and conditions determined by unique individual circumstances and these recorded events can be stored for future reference.

Whelanapier can draw on our extensive resources to provide a tailored security solution regardless of the project size and complexity.

Security Services Include:

Access Control

We have a wide range of access management solutions that give you the ability to allow or restrict individual’s access to designated areas without having to be accompanied. Both a practical and cost effective option for many, our expert team can assist you in determining the best for your premises, from basic access control for a single entrance to a more complex integrated multi-user system.

Standard Access Control Systems

We have an extensive variety of entry/exit security solutions that can be PIN code operated, swipe card enabled or key-fob controlled. Compact, budget-friendly and easily installed, these devices are ideal for commercial security.

  • Piece of Mind

  • Monitoring Station

  • Radio Transceivers

  • Service Support