No activation goes unanswered

Having an alarm is only half the battle, what happens when it activates is what will win you the war against crime. It’s why we provide expert monitoring of burglar, fire and CCTV alarm systems. The second a security system activates, a signal is sent to our central monitoring station. The controller immediately responds to the signal by contacting your key holders. Then, depending on their instructions, they contact the relevant emergency services.

The benefits to you

  • Proven deterrent in the fight against crime.
  • Peace of mind that no activation will go ignored.
  • Available to both home and business owners.
  • Perfect for clients who require enhanced protection for their property.
  • Protects people and property.
  • Protects business assets and prevents damages.
  • Reduces the risk of loss and disruption to your business.
  • Reduces loss of revenue.
  • Prevents costly Human Resources issues.
  • Reduces insurance claims.